About Us
“To make available the best of audio systems for masses”

“Provide customized solutions in varied applications and ensure fine music quality at economic rates!”

“The quite company behind the most explosive sound”
Intense research and development in electronics since the past 4 decades, has resulted in the evolution of the purest sound drives, covering the entire audio spectrum. With the help of available resources we have taken the Sound Technology to the next level, with fine designs, advanced technology and evolved research.

As the name suggests, the brand ‘Dynamite’ offers explosive music at an unbelievable price. Traditional craftsmanship, incorporated with modern techniques such as finite element analysis & simulations to optimize magnetic and acoustic design, gives you fine music quality at an economic rates!

Dynamite’s product range includes: Subwoofers, Loudspeakers, Speakers, Proaudio equipments and accessories.


1972: M.P.T.V Corporation was established, based out of Pune

Oct, 1972: Electronic spare parts trading

1982: Manufacturing of TV boosters and antennas under the brand name NAKUDA

2004: Importing PA speakers and car subwoofers. We were the first ones to initiate the import of critical components from Japan and USA.

2004: Custom designed PA speakers for Indian market, the first and only company in India.